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line-guy-illustrationDOCTORS WARN

of Marijuana Health Risks and Lack of Protection.

We can learn from the science and the experience of other states to protect ourselves — or our children, neighbors, communities, and we ourselves, will pay in lives ruined for our inattention to the health risks of high-potency marijuana.


Find out the latest on two growing health risks:

Child poisonings

Increased marijuana poisoning in children follows increased availability and increased potency.
Marijuana Candy: Poisoning and Lack of Protection for Children by Roneet Lev, MD FACEP

Canadian Provinces Avoid Increased Child Poisonings with THC Caps

unintentional cannabis poisoning


Increased suicides and mental health effects follows increased marijuana availability and potency.
Are Marijuana Use and Suicide Linked? — A review of the data show there's cause for alarm, MedPage Today by Libby Stuyt, MD